THE MOMENT OF TRUTH with guest Alastair Campbell

Boris Johnson prepares to put his Deal to the Commons. Hundreds of thousands of people get ready to descend on London to march for a Final Say vote. As Britain braces itself for Brexit’s moment of truth, MPs Sam Gyimah and Phillip Lee join special guest ALASTAIR CAMPBELL for an eve-of-battle conflab. 
What’s the truth about Johnson’s Deal? Does it in any way resemble what was sold in the Referendum? What do the Commons numbers look like for Saturday’s vote? Is there a realistic route to that Final Say – and would Remain win it? And what are the prospects for British politics if the Johnson-Cummings project succeeds?
Plus Sam and Phillip quiz Alastair on Labour’s internal struggle over antisemitism. And is Brexit rooted in a collapse of faith in politics that perhaps began under New Labour? It’s a fascinating conversation between three experienced political figures. 
“We in politics or the media – the bubble – we tend to really like change,” says Alastair Campbell. “We like pace and excitement and stuff happening. But a lot of people find change is just really challenging.” 
Audio production by Alex Rees. Producer: Andrew Harrison. Theme music: ‘The Wind-Up’ by Brian Lipps, under licence from ON THE HOUSE is a Podmasters production.
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