One Step Beyond

by Tony Fletcher

Hey you… Join author, runner, broadcaster, and traveler Tony Fletcher on this show about positively engaging with the world outside our door.

Whether it’s to hike a local trail or climb a distant mountain, move to a new country or travel somewhere unusual, run a first 5k or tackle an ultra-marathon, One Step Beyond documents people who take a step outside their comfort zone to enrich their life. Over the course of 30+ episodes, our shows have featured guests from Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania and Colombia, as well as the USA and UK, talking about a wide range of topics.

Those guests have included: a rock star and a former professional athlete who have set up important initiatives, everyday young people who have reinvented their lives, a double amputee war veteran who has nonetheless taken on incredible physical challenges, a Zen Buddhist teacher who authored a book on running, one American who moved to Bogota who set up an art colony, and another who gave up dreams of becoming a professional ventriloquist to instead find a new life as an award-winning wildlife photographer.

We have talked to the pioneering founder of Africa's first running shoe company, to a family that traveled round the world together for over two years, and to a teacher who founded a travel company to support students of color, along with several of his students. We have also talked to amateur adventurers of all ages who have set themselves fierce goals - like walking the length of India, or running the Sparta course in Greece unaided - and achieved them. The show includes several episodes recorded on location, beginning with a 4-part documentary about climbing Kilimanjaro, but also including in-the-field tips on hiking without navigational tools and running on trails; how to master an ultra-marathon; and how to give up your possessions and start a new life. Shows generally stay under an hour, include additional commentary and information, and do not shy away from current affairs.

Tony Fletcher is the British-born author of ten books, including best-selling biographies of Keith Moon, Wilson Pickett, R.E.M. and The Smiths. In 2016, he backpacked around the world with his wife and then 11-year old younger son. In 2019 he hosted and wrote “It's A Pixies Podcast." A keen runner, with dozens of road and trail marathons to his name, he lives in Kingston, New York.

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