A Room With A View, Please with Renée Balcom

If you think about where you would like to spend the final years of your life, you most certainly won't pick an eight-by-ten room in a building living with a bunch of strangers and having to report for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yet somehow, society pushes us to believe it is an ideal place for older adults. 

In this episode, I'm talking with Renée Balcom, Professional Healthcare Advocate, Founder and CEO of Renée & CO, Keynote Speaker, and Author. Today, Renée helps us understand how we can offer the best environment to our loved ones in their final years. 

Listen to episode 39 of On Life With Helen to learn from Renée how to avoid the predatory side of the adult care industry, what options exist to offer our loved ones the best care, and why it is crucial not to react during a crisis. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The things we like don't change after we age (2:34)
  • A bit about Renée's background and history in the healthcare industry (5:16)
  • The dark side of the adult care industry (9:13)
  • What is aging in place? (23:57)
  • The benefits of multigenerational environments (26:40)
  • What questions should you ask when hiring adult care (33:56)
  • Try not to act in crisis (46:15)

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