Can we all do more to Live Kindly? Rory meets Jodi Monelle, Founder & CEO of the online, media platform.

Rory Sutherland chats to Jodi Monelle, Founder & CEO of Live Kindly, an online media platform designed to promote the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. The conversation includes discussion on what is driving an increase in vegan foods, the importance of inclusivity and whether a plant-based lifestyle is truly scalable across society at large. Alongside these considerations, Rory and Jodi look at the wider question of long-term sustainability.

Jodi also explains why consumers are demanding more transparency about their purchases and what impact that will have on how companies innovate or steer towards more ethical, consciously produced products, whilst Rory asks whether there's a Darwinian limit to our human wants and how that might affect consumption.

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