Pedagogology (SCIENCE COMMUNICATION) with Bill Nye

BILL NYE. That’s right. Bill Freakin’ Nye sits down to get grilled by your Dadward (that’s me, Alie) all about Pedagogology, the art and science of science communication. How did the modern day hype man of facts and wonder get his start? What does he love about his job? What are the most important elements of spreading knowledge? WHICH TIE IS HIS FAVORITE TIE? We chat about everything from comedy to TV crews, what he thinks about when he goes for walks, taking risks to follow your dreams, advice from Carl Sagan, tackling climate change, what makes him optimistic and … how to be the next Bill Nye. Truly one of my most cherished episodes; it brought me to tears. Enjoy. And listen to Bill’s own podcast, Science Rules! With Bill Nye. 

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