Confessions of a Prime Minister

The Prime Minister’s affair with a woman who was receiving large amounts public money is confirmed – and nobody is talking about it? We look at the corruption and the democratic toxin behind the Johnson-Arcuri leg-over. Plus, a weirdos’ gallery of old Brexiters is setting up a ‘Museum of Brexit’. How can it possibly be balanced, like they claim? And why the school protests outside Batley Grammar should worry everyone. 

  • “The intended audience for the Government’s report? White people.” – Alex Andreou 
  • “What’s important about the Arcuri scandal isn’t the sex, it’s the money.” – Ian Dunt
  • “Free speech is sacrosanct. No matter how outrageous someone’s beliefs are, they should have the right to express them.” – Nina Schtick
  • “The assumption that ‘people will be decent’ isn’t enough to protect us any more.” – Alex Andreou
  • “A brown paper envelope stuffed with money? Every gets that. The arrangements around procurement arrangements, that’s a harder sell.” – Ian Dunt

Presented by Ros Taylor with Alex Andreou, Nina Schick and Ian Dunt. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Assistant producers: Jacob Archbold and Jelena Sofronijevic. Audio production by Alex Rees. OH GOD, WHAT NOW? is a Podmasters production.


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