Banana Republicans – plus special guest Emily Bazelon

What does the rise of President Joe mean for Britain and our shapeshifting creep of a PM? If Donald Trump can’t win in America’s democracy, would he really destroy it? And why are politicians so bad at Twitter? We’re thrilled to welcome special guest Emily Bazelon from the podcast that inspired us, the Slate Political Gabfest, to dissect the monsters produced by Trump’s electoral death throes.

  • “I just can’t believe that people are prepared to mess around with the most important thing about a country – that democracy continues” – Emily Bazelon
  • “If we’ve got a Republican Party that thinks delegitimising an entire election is worth doing, that’s incredibly dangerous” – Emily Bazelon
  • “What is Dominic Saab scared of? He’s scared of a nutcase with a smartphone” – Alex Andreou
  • ““We lost the election and now we’re going to blame the person who RAN the election?” – Emily Bazelon
  • “It’s always progressives who are urged to reach out, never the other way around” – Alex Andreou

Presented by Dorian Lynskey with Nina Schick and Alex Andreou. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Assistant producers: Jacob Archbold and Jelena Sofronijevic. Audio production by Alex Rees. OH GOD, WHAT NOW? is a Podmasters production.

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