Unlocked Patreon Exclusive: Sparks Fly with Maia Kobabe

Maia Kobabe (e/em/eir) has been censored enough! We're putting this exclusive bonus interview out to the public because it was just so dang fun to record and Maia is a true gem who deserves as big an audience as we can give em. We'll be back with regular episodes in two weeks (October 18th).

If you don't already know Maia, e is the author of Gender Queer and the brilliant mind behind other zines, comics, and social commentary sprinkled throughout the internet. You may recognize Maia from Instagram, Tumblr, or from the loud and constant conservative backlash around eir memoir since its publication in 2019. 

As you'll hear in this bonus interview, Maia is a gift to the fan communities e occupies — and e is a fan of our show (which is just a really nice thing we get to talk about a bit). To get to know Maia better, check out eir book reviews on Goodreads and Storygraph. Or take a look at eir work on Patreon and Tumblr

Happy listening and a very happy belated Banned Books Week! What a way for us to celebrate! We're honored!

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