Spare x Tender Masculinity

It's here! Welcome to the first episode of Material Girls, a scholarly podcast about pop culture co-hosted by Hannah McGregor and Marcelle Kosman.

This show aims to make sense of the zeitgeist through materialist critique* and critical theory! Each episode looks at a unique object of study (something popular now or from back in the day) and over the course of three distinct segments, Hannah and Marcelle apply their academic expertise to the topic at hand.

In this pilot episode, Marcelle leads us through a discussion of Prince Harry's memoir, Spare, and a mini lecture on tender masculinity. She pulls on theory from bell hooks, Robert Morrell, Chris Haywood and Thomas Johansson (among others) and ultimately makes a claim that Hannah dutifully picks apart — in a totally academic, non-bullying way!!!

We'll be back in two weeks for another episode, but until then, be sure to check out all the bonus content we have on our Patreon at You can learn more about the show at and on our instagram at!

*Materialist Critique is, at its simplest possible level, a form of cultural critique – that is, scholarly engagement with a cultural text of some kind – that is interested in modes of production, moments of reception, and the historical and ideological contexts for both. Materialist critique is really interested in the question of why a particular cultural work or practice emerged at a particular moment.

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