Merry-terial Girls: An Incomprehensible Holiday Bonus

Witch, Please Productions is on break for the holidays!

Of course we still wanted to put some fun content out while we’re away from our computers, so we recorded a holiday bonus that features Gaby, Zoe, Hannah, Marcelle and Coach mostly speaking over one another while they attempt to play Material Pursuit — a game of trivia that Marcelle created by pulling on content from Material Girls and our previous show, Witch, Please.

If you want to listen to the whole thing, you can! For free! Just head to and you’ll see the UNLOCKED post. It’s titled: Merry-terial Girls: An Incomprehensible Holiday Bonus!

Thank you so much for your support as we transitioned to our new show this year. We’re so excited for more Material Girls in 2024 — and a couple of fun surprises we have up our sleeves, too!

Happy holidays!


Material Girls is a new show that aims to make sense of the zeitgeist through materialist critique* and critical theory! Each episode looks at a unique object of study (something popular now or from back in the day) and over the course of three distinct segments, Hannah and Marcelle apply their academic expertise to the topic at hand.

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