Introducing: Gender Playground

We're thrilled to share the pilot episode of Gender Playground!

Gender Playground is a new show from Witch, Please Productions and is co-hosted by longtime friends Marcelle Kosman and Raimi Marx. This podcast is all about gender-affirming care for the kids in your life, and YOU are the intended audience! Whether you're a caregiver, parent, family-member, chosen-family-member, teacher, doctor, childcare professional, or just someone who wants to create a more loving world for kids, this show is for you!

This first episode is about gender expression and gender euphoria. In it, Marcelle and Raimi talk about Marcelle's daughter playing dress up, Marcelle's desire to balance her daughter’s creative freedom and safety, and what caregivers can do to better expand their own imaginations around gender and self-expression within and beyond the binary.

For more resources and information about today's topic(s), head to!

Note: We briefly touch on the current panic around "permanence" and although we don't name the buzzword "detransition" in this episode, we are aware that it's used in mainstream discourse to limit access to gender-affirming and life-saving care for trans and nonbinary youth. We will touch on this topic more in the following episodes and we plan to dedicate a full episode to it once we can sustain the show past our mini-season.

Until then, head to for some useful research on the low rate of detransition.

Links to the Recommendations from Our Pilot

Heads up! We’re trying to reach $7000/month in Patreon support by August 1st to ensure the sustainability of this new podcast! We’ve produced a mini-season of four episodes to test whether there’s an audience for the show. With financial support from our listeners, we’ll be able to produce new episodes that continue tackling this complex issue from a place of joy and love.

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Special thanks to the folks that made this episode and its accompanying resources happen: Reese Carr, Erik Magnus, Gaby Iori, Zoe Mix, Hannah McGregor, Hannah Rehak and AJ Jaramaz.

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