Book 6, Ep. 3 | Rape Culture

Hey friends! Please skip this episode if that feels right for you. We'll be back in two weeks and we want you to take care of yourselves first!

In this episode, we discuss Rape Culture. We begin with a brief review of our episodes about discourse, queer theory and classism before diving into the pervasiveness of rape culture in our daily lives and in the Harry Potter series. We'll dig into what it means that Ron feels entitled to be angry at Hermione's interest in other men, how Harry comes to understand he has a crush on Ginny, the role of love potions in the Half-Blood Prince (and in Voldemort's family history), and so much more.

Note: In this episode we quote from a New Statesmen article by Laurie Penny. While Penny's article is a useful source in unpacking rape culture in the west, our citations are not endorsements for either the author or the publication.

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