Book 6, Ep. 4 | Masculinity Studies with Aspen

In this episode, we're talking about Masculinity Studies with our special guest, Aspen!

We begin with a brief review of our episodes on Feminist Theory, Celebrity Studies, Trans Studies and Chosen One Narratives (just to name a few) before getting into a discussion about masculinity in the Wizarding World. Aspen offers us a brief historical overview of the roots of Masculinity Studies, as well as an analysis of the field's shortcomings and ever-evolving scope. We learn a bit about Gayle Rubin's work, Rae Wyn Connell’s groundbreaking book Masculinities, Dana D. Nelson's National Manhood, and other contributors to the growing field. Tune in for an episode that digs into Harry and Draco's respective indoctrinations, and takes a closer look at the way masculinity is defined, created and policed in the series. To get in touch with Aspen you can email

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