Bonus Ep: Women for Iran

We'll be back in two weeks for our final Season 7 Wrap-Up Episode, but this week we're sharing a bonus interview from Patreon. We were so honored to have been joined by Kiana and Vicky in December for a conversation about Women for Iran (formerly Women for Liberty of Iran) an organization comprised of Iranian women supporting the people of Iran from the UK.

In this conversation, Kiana and Vicky answer Hannah and Marcelle's questions (ones you may have, too) about the state of the protests in Iran, what context we need to understand the ongoing revolution, why the death of Mahsa Amini marked a turning point for the movement and how we might be able to support the ongoing fight for justice.

Please take a listen and be sure to follow @WomenForIran on Insta and Twitter! For more information about Women for Iran, you can click here. Kiana also recommends this Twitter account and this news outlet for updates.

Note: This episode was recorded in early December.

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