Bonus Ep: Fandom Forward with Lark and Jessie

We're in between seasons and thrilled to bring you a one-off bonus conversation with beloved podcasters Lark Malakai Gray and Jessie Blount. You may know them from Hashtag Ruthless, a podcast network that "creates hilarious chapter-by-chapter media analysis podcasts with a queer and trans focus." Lark and Jessie are the minds behind The Gayly Prophet, Esgaype from Reality, The Gay Pirate Podcast, and We are the Gayers. In this episode, they join Hannah and Marcelle to talk about their work with Fandom Forward, a rad nonprofit that brings activism to fan communities with free toolkits and activities.

Like us at Witch, Please, Lark and Jessie (along with the whole team at Fandom Forward) are committed to ethically and intentionally engaging with fandoms. If you're someone whose ever thought about how fan spaces can be empowering, hurtful and everything in between, then this episode is for you! Tune in and find out more about Fandom Forward.

Learn all about Lark and Jessie here! Read more about "Firing JKR" here. Get involved with Fandom Forward here!

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