Bonus Ep: Comfort Creatures

We’re taking a little break to gear up for the holiday season. So instead of enjoying a regular episode, please enjoy this episode of Comfort Creatures, a podcast hosted by Ella McLeod and Alexis B. Preston. Comfort Creatures is a show from Maximum Fun — the folks who brought you classic podcasts like My Brother, My Brother and Me, Still Buffering, The Adventure Zone and many others. In this show, Ella and Alexis bring on guests to chat about pet ownership and the power of furry friends! We were lucky enough to be guests on Comfort Creatures back in August and we had such a good time. Of course, that means we talked for far too long and so the episode was broken up into two episodes.This is Part One. After the episode if you want to hear Part Two, head over to their show feed wherever you catch your podcasts and check it out.

We’ll be back in two weeks for another episode about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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