Appendix: Witch Hunts with Niki Fitzgerald

In this episode we bring in a guest, Niki Fitzgerald (she/her), to talk about Witch Hunts. Niki is an NHS doctor specialising in Care of the Elderly and General Internal Medicine. She has recently completed her Masters in Applied Medical Humanities and her dissertation was titled Is Medicine Obsolete? An Abolitionist Feminist Reimagining with Flourishing and Care. Niki joins us for a rich conversation about the shift from feudalism to capitalism which corresponded with the Witch Hunts of the 16th and 17th century. She gives us some really helpful new context to better understand the long history of female subjugation — and some new tools for making sense of Wendelin the Weird from the Wizarding World! If you liked our episodes on Class, Magical Capital, Feminist Theory and the Nation State, you will love this episode!

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