Appendix: The Author

We said we would and so we did! Here is our episode on l'auteur! In this episode, Marcelle leads us through a brief Revisions segment because there is just too much to get into! We talk ideology, discourse, structuralism, celebrity and capitalism before heading into a chat about two dead French guys (Barthes and Foucault) and 'the death of the author." Then in Owls we put our theory to work as we think through J.K. Rowling's presence in the circulation of the Harry Potter series and the way new technologies of publishing have changed the scope of her "author function."

If thinking about "the author" makes you crave a great way to say fuck transphobia and transphobes, please donate to our fundraiser for Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre — an organization that's been directly affected by JKR's transphobia. You can find the link here and on our website We're halfway to our goal of $5000 by April 30th. We can do it with your help!

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