Alan McGee (Creation Records) Bonus Boogaloo Radio Special

So as some of you may know, i have recently launched a radio show on the wonderful Boogaloo Radio and it was great to sit down and chat with station manager Jenn Crothers on last weeks episode.

So as a bonus this week, You can get a taster of my Boogaloo Radio Show that i recorded recently with my guest Creation records legend and all round lovely man Mr Alan McGee.

Producer Svnty6 had chopped out the music and huddled up all the chatty bits so you can get a real taste for the great stuff that is available over on Boogaloo Radio

We chat punk, glam, Primal Scream, Oasis, Teenage Fanclub, Ride, The Who and so much more.

It's just a taste and Alan has agreed to come and do a proper OTBAT episode soon, which i'm damn excited about.

anyway below is the link to the full show and all the music

and go check out all the other great Boogaloo radio shows here

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