The Lismore floods with Dr Mitchell Call & Dr James Sippo

Dr Mitchell Call and Dr James Sippo are postdoctoral researchers at Southern Cross University at Lismore, in Northern NSW, Australia. The Wilsons River flows through the city of Lismore to the Richmond River estuary. In late February 2022, the biggest flood in modern Australian history inundated Lismore and the rest of Northern NSW. In this chat, Mitchell and James describe the flood, the incredible rescue efforts, the subsequent estuarine health impacts, climate change, and what can be done to mitigate future flood impacts in Lismore and the wider Wilsons and Richmond River area.

Useful links:

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  • Ocean Protect Podcast Season 4, Episode 5 "Dr James Sippo on blue carbon accounting" (here)
  • "Flood Song" on YouTube by Sally Bracewell (here)

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