Ocean Plastic Action Forum 2023 (Part 1 of 4) – Key Trends & Impacts

This episode is the first of a four-part series of recorded audio from the Ocean Plastic Action Forum at Bondi Beach – held on 15th March 2023, as part of the Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival. The forum included industry leaders, innovators, scientists, government and community leaders discussing how to 'turn the tide' on plastic in our ocean – including a few short presentations and interactive Q&A panel sessions. This first part focusses on the “Key Trends and Impacts” session, which included insights into the plastic pollution problem including key sources, trends, and known and potential impacts of ocean plastic pollution. Dr Denise Hardesty (CSIRO) provided a short presentation, and was then joined by Dr Charlene Trestrail (UTS), Dr Michelle Blewitt (AUSMAP), Pete Ceglinski (Seabin), Grahame Lloyd (Sea Shepherd Australia) and Murray Powell (Optimal Stormwater) for an interactive panel discussion with audience Q&A. The following three episodes will feature the remaining three parts of the forum. 

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