Dr Jodie Rummer on protecting coral reefs from climate change

Dr Jodie Rummer is Professor of Marine Biology at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia - and is an expert on climate change and coral fish. In this chat, we discuss the athletic awesomeness of fish, the key threats to the Great Barrier Reef and how to best mitigate them, and what the future looks like for all reefs around the planet.

Useful links:

  • www.jodierummer.com
  • Jodie on LinkedIn (here)
  • https://physioshark.org
  • TEDx JCU Cairns presentation by Jodie "Athletes of the Great Barrier Reef" (here)
  • Sydney Morning Herald article – “Are we really prepared to lose this natural wonder?” (here)
  • The Guardian article "Ocean scientists call for global tracking of oxygen loss that causes dead zones” (here)
  • The Conversation article “What the next Australian government must do to save the Great Barrier Reef” (here)
  • The Conversation article “Adapt, move, or die: repeated coral bleaching leaves wildlife on the Great Barrier Reef with few options” (here)
  • ABC news article “The superfish challenge: Michael Phelps vs real fish” (here)


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