Dr Charlene Trestrail on how the human body is affected by microplastics (& what to do about it)

We kick off Season 5 with a fantastic chat with Dr Charlene Trestrail - a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Technology Sydney. Charlene's particular speciality is understanding how microplastics threaten the animals we need to keep our ecosystems healthy. In this chat, we take a journey through the digestive system (like a microplastic!) and talk about how the different organs in the body are affected by microplastics - and how to minimise our ingestion of microplastics. 

Useful links:

  • Dr Charlene Trestrail on Linkedin (here)
  • RMIT article "Eating plastic makes for smaller mussels"
  • Journal paper "Analysis of Microplastics in Human Feces Reveals a Correlation between Fecal Microplastics and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Status"


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