Deep sea microplastics with Justine Barrett

Justine is a Research Technician with CSIRO's Marine Debris Group, where she established a method for detecting microplastics in deep-sea sediment and was subsequently the lead author of a paper publishing the first global estimate of microplastics in deep-sea sediment. We talk about deep-sea microplastics and helping to stop it 'at source' with gross pollutant trap sensors and AI technology.

Useful links:

  • Justine Barrett CSIRO profile (here)
  • Justine's 'The Conversation' article "We estimate up to 14 million tonnes of microplastics lie on the seafloor. It’s worse than we thought" (here)
  • RNZ article "Three quarters of fish in southern NZ contain microplastics - study" (here)
  • Overview of CSIRO's GPT Sensor Technology research (here)

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