Craig Fairbaugh - Stormwater Rock Star

Craig Fairbaugh has gone from rock star to rock star stormwater engineer. After shredding the punk rock scene with bands like Transplants, +44, Juliette Lewis and the Licks, and Mercy Killers, Craig went on to even bigger and badder things - helping to protect the planet from stormwater pollution. As Regional Regulatory Manager at Contech Engineered Solutions in Oregon USA, Craig is a recognised expert in stormwater treatment, helping state and municipal agencies in achieving stormwater compliance with manufactured treatment devices, as well as sharing national industry best practices for developing stormwater programs.

Useful links:

  • Craig on LinkedIn (here)
  • Ocean Protect webinar presented by Craig "Mass capacity, long-term performance, & maintenance analysis of biofiltration stormwater treatment systems" (here)
  • Ocean Protect webinar presented by Craig "Bioretention & High Rate Biofiltration - Research & Performance Updates from USA" (here)

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