Solidarity in Action with Nora Keller

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, equity, and respect at work. The best way to do that? Unionize! Tech worker and organizer Nora Keller tells us how to get started. 

Nora Keller is a product manager at the New York Times and an organizer for the Times Tech Guild. The unit was formed earlier this year and is one in a growing movement of new tech-worker unions fighting for equity, transparency, and a seat at the table. 

Every worker, no matter where they work, or what they do, deserves an equitable, accountable, and transparent workplace. The working class is going to find its power through solidarity. It's not going to find it through division. And the truth is that the average tech worker has a lot more in common with a healthcare worker or a teacher than they do with the Jeff Bezoses of the world. 

—Nora Keller, organizer, Times Tech Guild

We talk about:

  • How Nora got involved in the unionizing effort
  • What the members of the Times Tech Guild are fighting to change in their workplace
  • How a union is formed and the process to getting it recognized
  • How to spot and prepare for common union-busting tactics
  • The risks of organizing and how the danger is often greater for members of marginalized or underrepresented groups

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