Lundi Nouveautés : Arlo Parks, Phoenix, Yuksek, Sparks, Jwles, La Zowi, Kassa Overall, The Voidz, Kari Faux et plus !

Tracklist :

Pharrell Williams - Frontin’ (ft. Jay-Z)

Phoenix - Winter Solstice (Braxe + Falcon Remix)

Arlo Parks - Impurities 

Kari Faux - H-TOWN

The Cure - Close To Me 

Jay Worthy & Roc Marciano - My Own Two (ft. A$AP Ant & Bart Oatmeal)

Pierre III - Contact 

Jwles - Juste un bout

Daft Punk, Julian Casablancas & The Voidz - Infinity Repeating

The Voidz - Prophecy of the Dragon

Yuksek - Dance’o’drome

Beyoncé - All Up In Your Mind

Diddy, City Girls & Fabulous - Act Bad

Ramsey Lewis Trio - The In Crowd

Young-Holt Unlimited - Soulful Strut

Kassa Overall, Theo Crocker, Nick Hakim - Make My Way Back Home

La Zowi - Bebé

La Zowi, Albany, Pipo Beatz - Sugar Mami

Sparks - Nothing Is As Good As They Say It Is

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