Singin' On The Train - A Michael Rosen Special

Sometimes a seeming disaster gives rise to something magical. Michael Rosen and I went to Salford to record Friday's Christmas edition of The Verb on BBC Radio 3. And on the way back, a fallen tree caused our train to stop, go to reduced power, and finally, to plunge us all into darkness.

As we waited for around an hour and a half for another train to come, Michael Rosen charmed and cheered the 'Quiet' carriage with songs and poems and funny stories. Frankly, it was one of those proper once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Have a look at our twitter thread, if you're bored. We pretended to be in different carriages.

Anyway. Here's a flavour of it, hastily recorded on an ipad, so forgive the sound quality.

As I write, it's just turning 2am. It's another hour and a half to London, and from there I shall have to take a taxi to Bedford.

I reckon it was worth it.


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