Wisdom Wednesday with Jillian Richardson on loneliness

Today we are going to be speaking about connection and loneliness with my amazing guest, Jillian Richardson. Jillian is the author of Un-Lonely Planet, coach, connection expert and the founder of The Joy List, a newsletter with a mission of making New York City, and eventually the world, a less lonely place. Jillian deeply believes that bringing people together is one of life’s greatest gifts and that most of the world’s problems stem from a lack of connection. Jillian is on a mission to inspire others to make healthy congregations and co-create an un-lonely planet.

Find out more about Jillian:

Website: https://www.thatjillian.com/

The Joy List: https://joylist.nyc/

Instagram: @thatjillian

Book: https://www.thatjillian.com/book

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