The healing power of grounding with Clint Ober

On today's Unwind, I'm speaking to an incredible man who has pioneered the grounding movement. This is the movement that has proven all humans benefit when connected to the earth, whether that be standing on the ground without shoes, swimming in a sea or river, or actually using grounding tools inside the home. Our biology actually changes when this happens.

Today I'm speaking to the godfather of this area and the founder of the earthing company, Clint Ober, who began his career in the cable television industry in the seventies. In an age before the Internet, Clint helped pioneer the first ever cable modem and was deeply engaged with how electrics had to be wired to the earth to avoid interference. But in 1993, his health crumbled. Clint was told he would pass away soon until he was offered a miraculous surgery that was fortunately successful. Afterwards, he sold his life, bought a van and went traveling. He began to notice that nearly everybody was disconnected from the earth, including him, but wondered what the consequence was of disconnecting ourselves this much from the earth. He began to question whether this was a reason for the rise in inflammatory diseases. After years of observing the effect of earthing on people and 22 peer reviewed research studies looking into this concept, he has proven that almost everything going on in the body is different when you're grounded.

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