Pop of Wisdom: The art of self-healing with Katie Brindle

Today, I am honoured to be joined by Katie Brindle, a Chinese medicine practitioner, a bestselling author and the founder of The New Method. Katie's book, Yang Sheng: The Art of Chinese Self-Healing, teaches readers how to harness this powerful natural healing system and how these techniques work brilliantly in modern life. My favourite principle of Yang Sheng is balance, and that means not being perfect, something we all know I'm a big advocate for. Katie is a proven example of the power of Yang Sheng to heal ourselves from the inside out. And I'm so pleased that she will be here to share actionable tips on how to bring these practices into your life and discuss the difference they can make to your mental and physical health.

Find more information on Katie:

Website: https://katiebrindle.com/

Book: https://katiebrindle.com/yang-sheng/

Instagram: @katie_brindle


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