BONUS EPISODE: Wellness predictions for 2022 with expert Kate Spies

Kate Spies is a health and wellness guru and the Editor-in-chief of Well + Good which is one of the most read lifestyle and news publications in the world committing to delivering health and wellness news. Kate is a returning guest and one of my favourites on the Not Perfect Podcast. Just like last time she is back and ready to share with us her wellness forecasts for the year ahead. I know we are all wellness obsessed but sometimes it can be confusing and we’re not sure what to listen to or whether we are being fed the wrong information. Thankfully Kate is here to clear up some of the confusion!

So what health, wellness and fitness trends will we be seeing in 2022? Well + Good’s annual trends report offers insight into what we will see in our future and I can’t wait to find out more! 

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