Bonus Episode: How to find 'microjoys' in everyday life with Cyndie Spiegel

On today's bonus episode of Unwind, we have the inspirational Cyndie Spiegel, who is the bestselling author of The Year of Positive Thinking that sold thousands of copies around the world. Cyndie is a world leading speaker on the subject of positive psychology and has written a new book to brighten our days even more. It's called Microjoys: Finding Hope (especially) When Life is Not Okay. We can all relate to those moments when life just feels overwhelming and finding hope can feel virtually impossible. And so this book is such a gift, every page is like a warm hug, and can help us all find a little bit of joy in everyday life. I'm thrilled to have Cyndie on the show today and can't wait to ask her how we can find genuine joy when rationally we know it's there, but subjectively we can't find it?

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