Are hormones hiding the answers to better mental health? with Dr Jolene Brighten

My guest today is Dr. Jolene Brighten. She's a hormone expert nutrition scientist and global thought leader in women's medicine. She's a board certified in naturopathic endocrinology and trained in clinical sexology. Dr. Brighten is the author of Is This Normal A Non-judgmental Guide to Creating Hormone Balance, Eliminating Unwanted symptoms and Building The Sexual Desire You Crave. Dr. Brighten empowers women worldwide to take control of their health and their hormones through her website and social media channels. When I was reading Dr. Brighten's book, my list of questions grew and grew and grew. And I think this is a sign of the fact that we know so little about our health and we know so little about our hormonal health, because I think that we've spent years misdiagnosing ourselves. And I'm just so grateful for this book that she's written and the work that she does.

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