A kidnap negotiator's guide to better persuasion with Scott Walker

On today's podcast, I have a fascinating guest. I am interviewing Scott Walker, one of the world's most experienced kidnap negotiators. Scott Walker has resolved more than 300 cases using his negotiation skills. And for the first time, he's able to share his techniques. Scott spent 16 years as a Scotland Yard detective, engaged in covert counter-terrorism and kidnapping operations. He has written a fantastic book, a Sunday Times best selling author called Order Out of Chaos that contains his well thought through, tried and tested tips about how to be better at negotiating. It shares a new approach to succeeding when failure is not an option. And it's brilliant.

I'm excited for you to have this interview because he really gives such practical takeaways and things that we can all use in our daily lives.

Find Scott Walker:

Website: https://scottwalkercoaching.com/

Book: https://amzn.eu/d/1IEAEfu

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