96: The afterlife and why we will see loved ones again with Mariel Forde Clarke

On today’s podcast we will be speaking about life after death with the most wonderful author, healer, counsellor and spiritual midwife, Mariel Forde Clarke. Mariel has dedicated much of her life to helping people rethink the end of life and supporting their transition from the physical to the non-physical. Mariel’s interest in the afterlife stemmed from her own near death experience when she was pronounced ‘dead’ on the operating table and that was when her perspective on life totally changed. 

In her book, Whereafter: Where do our loved ones go after they die?, Mariel weaves the science and the spiritual to create a beautiful, heavily researched book that soothes the soul by sharing a possibility of what happens after we depart from reality as we know it. Mariel was a self confessed sceptic before her own experience but now she is here to guide us and help thousands of people realise that when physical life ends, the love that was shared was eternal, and that love never dies.

Find Mariel:

Website: http://marielfordeclarke.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mariel_forde_clarke/?hl=en


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