94: How to break free from your limiting beliefs and unlock your full potential with Ian Washington-Smith

Today I have Ian Washington-Smith on the podcast and wow are you guys in for an extra special episode! I recently spent a weekend with Ian who taught me some of the most mind-blowing lessons on mental health, beliefs and behaviour change and I can’t wait for you guys to get a taste of what I’ve been learning. Ian is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met, he’s a former police manager who ran operations and intelligence management, corruption, prevention and covert investigation. He then went on to found organisations such as the Thames Valley Black Police Association Cognitive Coaching and most recently Mindsmith Thinking. Ian supports individuals and organisations to change by adapting their thinking towards issues such as individual potential, people productivity, diversity and leadership. 

Through his work he is able to unlock inner gifts within people. Ian’s approach is profound, it’s different and it takes inspiration from so much of the history of psychology. It is some of the greatest teachings and I hope every single person can learn from someone like Ian.

Find Ian:

Website: https://www.mindsmiththinking.com/

Instagram: @mindsmiththinking

Find out what colour you are by taking the personality test here: https://my-personality-test.com/true-colours


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