90: Why learning to let go and surrender could be just what you need with Nicky Clinch

It is an honour to have Nicky on today’s show, she is my first returning guest on the Not Perfect Podcast. For those that are yet to listen to the previous episode with Nicky, I can’t wait to introduce you to her. She is a maturation facilitator, teacher and coach, integrative holistic counsellor, breath-work facilitator and author. It is with great pleasure I welcome her back today to talk about her new book, Surrender

The idea of surrendering and letting go can be really challenging at times. Perhaps you're feeling a bit stuck in an area of your life and looking to take a step forward. Surrendering isn't easy and while it can be scary...wow is it liberating! I couldn't wait to have this conversation with Nicky and explore this powerful tool which is available to all of us as we move through life. We discuss what surrender means, how to do it and why it's so important.

Find Nicky: 

Instagram: @nicky_clinch 

Website: https://nickyclinch.com/

Read Nicky’s book: https://nickyclinch.com/book/

Listen to my first episode with Nicky on why self-compassion will change your life:




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