88: How to stop, reset and deeply connect with Fiona Arrigo

I have been so looking forward to interviewing a woman who has been pioneering deep healing for nearly thirty years. Fiona Arrigo is a senior biodynamic psychotherapist who has spent a lifetime studying ancient teachings from many cultures and created the well known Arrigo Programme which has helped thousands of people on their journey to healing and becoming whole.

Fiona Arrigo and The Arrigo Programme have become the epitome of deep therapeutic care. Launching Britain’s first alternative health retreat, Stop the World, back in 1990, Fiona’s approach to healing modalities has never been more relevant or needed than today. Fiona has the ability to draw people together, allowing them to express and understand themselves. She helps pave the way for others to experience a deeper connection with their inner essence, wisdom and the joy which is always there if only we can access it. Her mentoring and guidance are transformative for those who are intent on reaching a place of greater peace. Fiona hosts both individual and group retreats in the UK and globally which we speak about in more detail in this episode.

Her podcast throughout lockdown was so reassuring and I eagerly listen to it each week to hear Fiona’s guidance and wisdom. Her meditations are also wonderful so I recommend you try those out too. It is a true honour to have such an experienced healer with us today on the Not Perfect Podcast. 

Find more information on The Arrigo Programme and retreats: 

The Arrigo Programme Website - https://www.thearrigoprogramme.com/

Individual Retreats - Somerset, UK - https://www.thearrigoprogramme.com/about-programmes

Group Retreats UK - Somerset, UK - https://www.thearrigoprogramme.com/group-retreats-uk

Group Retreats Abroad - India and Spain https://www.thearrigoprogramme.com/group-retreats-abroad

Find Fiona on instagram:



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