85: Learn how to disagree with Genelle Aldred

I am joined today by a long term friend of mine, Genelle Aldred. Genelle is a former ITV and BBC journalist and the founder of communications consultancy GA\C. She is now a published author and has written a book we all need to read. It’s called Communicate for Change: Creating justice in a world of bias and it explores the missing nuisance to our conversation in the public arena at this moment in time. It’s a thought provoking book that unpacks the tribalism we see in our culture and presents a new way forward, a far more harmonious way, a way that appreciates all individuals and is a guide book to how we get there.

If we want to make a positive difference, we have to know how to recognise our own biases and blind spots - only then can we understand how to be part of the solution and start having meaningful conversations. Genelle offers suggestions to help us be better listeners, readers, watchers and talkers. She breaks down the barriers to effective conversation so that we can disagree in a more nuanced and thoughtful way and stop singular narratives driving our conversation.

This was such a fascinating conversation and I'm thrilled she's shone a light on a topic that is so relevant. I can't wait for you all to hear it!

Find Genelle:

Instagram: @genellealdred

Website: https://www.genellealdred.com/ 

Buy her book: https://www.waterstones.com/book/communicate-for-change/genelle-aldred/9780281085576

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