83: Morning routine with spiritual leader Tai Beauchamp

This week my guest is someone who is totally extraordinary and her energy fills an entire space with such positivity and empowerment. Tai Beauchamp is a motivational speaker, media personality, meditation leader, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and soon to be author. In the past year she set up morning mindset with Tai and has thousands tuning in several times a week to upgrade their minds in the mornings and it is honestly so refreshing. 

Today we dive into her wisdom and Tai explains why a morning routine is so important. She discusses the tools you need to create a great morning and what thoughts to consciously bring into your mind. She explains that so many of us are jumping up into our day and not preparing our heart and spirit to expect, desire and design great things. She believes that the way you start and the way you begin is half the win. It's all about being in the right headspace to get what we want and clear as to what actions we want to take.

I also wanted to let you all know that I'm taking a short summer break from the podcast but I will be back with some more fantastic guests in September!

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