76: How to sleep better and become your best self with Jeff Kahn

This week I am speaking to Jeff Kahn, one of the world’s leading sleep specialists. He is the co-founder and CEO at Rise Science and was one of the first to publish research on technology enabled sleep behaviour modification over a decade ago. He has recently completed the largest known study on sleep and real world job performance which I find deeply fascinating and something that is not spoken about enough. Jeff’s research and work has been read by millions and he continues to empower people to live healthier and more successful lives through better sleep and circadian health.

His incredible company could not be more relevant today. The app essentially helps you make behaviour modifications all-around sleep. Jeff believes lack of quality sleep may be the most under appreciated health concern in society, and his company is working to change that through sleep behaviour modification. In this episode, we discuss how sleep is the fibre of what it means to be human and how it has the power to affect our diet, our emotional health, our ability to exercise and even our vocal tone! 

Jeff explains that the two things you should care about are sleep debt and circadian rhythm. He encourages us to monitor our total sleep debt over time to get an accurate picture of your sleep need. He also suggests we strategise our day around the day’s dips and peaks - scheduling tasks that require more concentration around our peaks and more passive tasks around our dips. His app Rise Science helps you track sleep, know your energy schedule, measure your sleep debt - allowing people to keep their circadian rhythms and sleep debt at the forefront of their minds. 

I learnt so much from this conversation and it is definitely worth a listen if you struggle with sleep or if you’re in need of a bedtime routine. Sweet dreams! 

Website: https://www.risescience.com/ 

Rise Science Sleep Guide: https://www.risescience.com/improve-sleep-hygiene

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jfkahn?lang=en 

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