73: The science behind sexual pleasure with Cecile Gasnault

This is a very special episode in partnership with Smile Makers on the science behind pleasure and all things sexual wellness. If you are someone that feels a bit sensitive around this topic then please have a listen because my guest speaks about this extremely important area of our health in such a detailed and data driven way. It was absolutely fascinating to hear how an area of the wellness industry can be so misunderstood. 

In this episode I am joined by the wonderful Cecile Gasnault who has been working in the sexual wellness industry since 2016 and is a director for Smile Makers. Smile Makers is a sexual wellness brand dedicated to the pleasure of people with vulvas. It was created nearly ten years ago with the ambition to bring female sexuality out in the open and pleasure products to the shelves of mainstream retail. 

It’s the only brand in this category that has never sold in sex shops and has partnered with retailers like Cult Beauty, Goop, Feel Unique and more. Cecile is a leading global speaker about female sexuality and the importance of vulvas. She launched a whole pleasure-positive sexual education programme called Vulva Talks for free in response to the many questions she would receive and to bust some of the damaging myths around this subject. She is a woman on a mission to change our understanding of how we view our sexual pleasure and it is a total delight to have her on the podcast.

Cecile has kindly offered Not Perfect listeners a 15% discount on all Smile Makers products. Please head to smilemakerscollection.com and use the code HNP15 on orders above £60. 

For more information, please take a look at the Smile Makers website: smilemakerscollection.com

Instagram: @smilemakerscollection

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