70: The path to mental freedom with Peter Crone

Today I’m interviewing writer, speaker and thought leader in human potential, Peter Crone, aka ‘The Mind Architect’. I’ve been following Peter’s work for the last few years and it has had a profound impact on me along with millions of people around the world. He has worked with world-famous actors, athletes and very successful businessmen, yet what he teaches resonates with every individual. There are very few people in life who are able to sum up seemingly complex ideas about what it means to be human and make all the anxieties we face sound simple. Peter Crone is one of them. 

In this episode, Peter explains his famous quote: ‘true happiness is the absence of the search for happiness’ and why being at peace with the worst case scenario means there is nothing left to fear. He goes on to explain how we can only be free when we are in complete harmony with our current circumstances. It's when we stop trying to figure everything out, that we will find freedom. 

The product Peter shares is freedom and though you might wonder how an earth someone can sell freedom, this interview will show you how. His philosophy is life-changing and this is such a powerful conversation which I hope will help every single one of you.

For more on Peter Crone, be sure to follow him on Instagram @petercroneofficial and check out his website https://www.petercrone.com.

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