65: How to heal your trauma with Emmy Brunner

Today I am joined by the wonderful Emmy Brunner. Emmy is a psychotherapist, personal empowerment and transformation coach, hypnotherapist, CEO of The Recover Clinic in London and the author of Trauma Redefined and soon-to-be released Find Your True Voice. I have to say this episode tingled my soul and is packed full of incredibly powerful advice.

We discuss why trauma is usually what lies at the root of mental illness and why we are usually afraid to explore it. Emmy specialises in recovering from anxiety, eating disorders and depression and in today's episode we talk about how to have a better relationship with ourselves, the red flags to look out for that are signs of unprocessed trauma and how it can also be unhealthy to overanalyse trauma. Emmy founded The Recover Clinic and strongly advocates for a holistic approach to treatment where everyone is considered as a whole, taking into account body, mind and spirit.

We also discuss her new book, Find Your True Voice and she explains what steps we can take to heal from the past. We also touch on how you can tackle mental health through a daily mindfulness practice, Emmy recommends Deepak Chopra's meditations and even speaks about the wonders of flower meditation.

Emmy is a true force for good and I hope you find this chat as healing and reassuring as I did.

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Emmy's Website: http://emmybrunner.com/

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