Think like an inventor: Meet the record breaking FOREO founder Filip Sedic

On today's Pop of Wisdom episode, I am interviewing one of the best beauty inventors in the world and of our generation, Filip Sedic. Filip is a Bosnian born Swedish inventor with more than 200 patents assigned to his name. He is the founder and CEO of FOREO, the record breaking Swedish brand reinventing beauty and wellness for better. FOREO's beauty tech designs deliver professional level treatments at home to build self-confidence. Filip's designs at FOREO have won over 100 design and industry awards and he's broken records with a FOREO product being sold every 3 seconds in 2017.

I am not surprised the quality FOREO upholds and everything they do is obvious. You may have heard about the Luna range of facial cleansing devices. The naturally clean 99.5% of impurities from the skin fully. As a serial entrepreneur, he started his career in the car technology industry and moved into the telecom world. Eight years later, he transitioned into the beauty world, setting up his first company, LELO, in Stockholm. Filip went on to develop his second company that focused on pharmaceutical grade feminine care products, and in 2013, he founded FOREO. Filip has changed the beauty world, democratized access to tools ten years ago, only the top beauty professionals could use. And as a consequence, I felt honoured to have him on the show today to admire his innovation and entrepreneurship.


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