The price women pay to be "good" with Elise Loehnen

On today's unwind, I'm speaking with Elise Loehnen, who is someone I have admired for years and someone who inspired me to start this podcast three years ago. I first discovered Elise when she was hosting the GOOP podcast, and I absolutely adored her interviewing style, her delicate questions and the way that she mesmerised me by the sheer quantity of books she'd read and the nature of the conversations she held.

Elise has been a great teacher of mine, and so when I discovered she'd written her very own book, I couldn't have been happier to invite her on this podcast because she is truly an incredible woman. Elise is now the host of her very own podcast called Pulling the Thread. She has co-written 12 books, five of which were New York Times best sellers and she's now written a brand new book that has had me spellbound for days. The book is called On Our Best Behaviour: The Price Women Pay to Be Good. And the book uncovers and unravels the seven deadly sins that have seeped into our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. This book would never have been able to see the light of day a few decades ago because Elise investigates oppressive societal norms so many of us accept and others enforced in a way that exposes how toxic and hurtful they are for humanity, especially women.

Elise's new book is out on 23rd May in the UK.

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