138: Why embracing balance is essential to a healthy life with Jessica Sepel

On today's show, I'm joined by a supplement goddess, the amazing Jessica Sepel, who is a triple bestselling author and founder of JS Health Brand App and JSE Health Vitamins, range of supplements, skin care and haircare. Jessica's passion for supporting people's health and her knowledge and experience has allowed her to create a range with attention to every ingredient, quality and combination in order to care for you from the inside out.

Jessica displayed a passion for supplements from a young age after watching both her grandparents take them daily, which led her to delve into the vitamin world and become incredibly interested in nutrition from the age of 15. After overcoming her own struggles with fad dieting to find balance and body love, Jess focused her life in cultivating holistic health. She's a driving concept behind JS Health, and she wants to develop formulas that target common problems to help bypass the overwhelming confusion of the supplement industry.

Find more information:

Books: https://jessicasepel.com/books/

Blog: https://jessicasepel.com/all-blogs/

App: https://jessicasepel.com/app/

Website: https://uk.jshealthvitamins.com/

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