133: How to improve the brain-gut connection with Dr Naomi Middleton

On today's show I am interviewing Dr. Naomi Middleton who is a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher. Dr. Naomi has a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Oxford and is a registered clinical psychologist. She has had over ten years experience working in the NHS and is currently the lead psychologist for functional disorders and pelvic floor health. Dr. Naomi specialises in gut and bowel health, eating behaviour, body image and helping people to adjust to and live well with long term physical health conditions.

I've been fascinated by this area because for me my stress is first seen in the gut and I'm not sure if anybody relates to this, but when I'm stressed, the first thing that will tell me I'm stressed is bloating and constipation. So when I discovered Dr. Naomi's work, I was completely fascinated. I was just desperate to get her on the show to explain why this happens and teach us about why this connection is so relevant to our overall health and well-being.

In today's episode, we are going to explore this connection between our guts, our bowels, and our psychological health and discuss how we can help our own healing of both.

Find more information on Dr Naomi Middleton:

Website: https://www.drnaomimiddleton.co.uk/

Instagram: @gut.health.psychologist


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