129: Why we fear desire with Charlotte Fox Weber

In today's episode, I am speaking to the wonderful psychotherapist, Charlotte Fox Weber. She is the author of What We Want, a book that takes you on a journey through 12 Universal Wants and Desires from love, power, sex, attention and takes us behind the closed doors of the psyche, an area we don't explore enough.

I cried within 20 minutes of reading this book. Charlotte's stories are so relatable, universal and above all else, human. This book truly is a work of art. As a reader, you can identify with wanting and desiring normal things that most of us don't admit and the blocks we often face to truly get what we want.

Find more information on Charlotte:

Website: https://charlottefoxweber.com/

Instagram: @charlottefoxweberpsychotherapy

New Book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/What-We-Want-Journey-Through/dp/1472281438


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